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ET Fixed Annuity Presentation




ET Index Annuity Presentation




Certainty Select- A single premium Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity offering a choice of four guarantee periods. The base contract features full accumulation value at death and free withdrawals of cumulative interest. The no-cost optional rider features lower surrender charges, 10% free withdrawals and cash surrender value at death.


ET Certainty Select





Choice Four®A single premium traditional fixed annuity featuring a one-year annual reset interest rate. Allows additional premiums in the first year only. A Base Contract and the availability of two options provide a choice of four variations.


ET Choice Four




Confidence Income Annuity®A Single Premium Immediate Annuity featuring a range of payment options.


ET Confidence Income





Income For LifeOptional Benefit Rider Available on Index Annuities that provides lifetime income based on 6.5% accumulation rollup rate for up to 15 years. An income stream for life without annuitizing. Income You Can’t Outlive! 


ET Income For Life




ET Income For Life Presentation




MarketBooster Index®A flexible-premium fixed and indexed annuity with a 7% bonus credited over 24 months. 4% is applied to premium at issue, with 2% and 1% applied respectively to the Accumulation Value at first and second contract anniversaries. Subsequent premiums received in years two through five will receive the 4% premium bonus.


ET Market Booster Index




MarketPower Bonus Index® – A fixed and indexed annuity offering index-linked earnings and downside protection. Featuring a 10% bonus on first year premiums.


ET Market Power Bonus Index




MarketTen Bonus Index™A flexible premium fixed and indexed annuity with a 6% premium bonus paid on all premiums paid in the first five years.


ET Market Ten Bonus Index




MarketTwelve Bonus Index™A single premium fixed and indexed annuity featuring a 12% bonus paid over three years.


ET Market Twelve Bonus Index




MarketValue Index®A flexible-premium fixed and indexed annuity with a 10-year design. Share only in index gains…not the losses.


ET Market Value Index





ET-Split Annuity Client Flyer




ET-Stretch IRA Client Education




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