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Long Term Care Shopper’s Guide


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Simplicity - The highest-rated Long Term Care insurance product on the market ( Unlike traditional Long Term Care insurance that only covers specific services, Simplicity doesn’t define the services you can receive. Use your monthly cash benefit as you choose for the care you want, from whomever you want, wherever you want. There are no restrictions, third-party bills to submit for reimbursement, or limits. You decide what’s best for you. And you have the resources from your Cash Benefit Account to maintain your lifestyle – your way. Family members can get paid to help you in time of need. You can keep loved ones near without burdening them.


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Transitions - When you experience an unexpected illness, it’s usually not the hospital stay or medical treatment that causes a financial crisis. You have insurance for that. But what happens next? The hospital sends you on your way and you find that although you get to go home, you still need help getting through the day. Perhaps you can’t yet get around on your own, or maybe you need help getting dressed or bathed. Maybe you are in the process of recuperating, or maybe you need some time to make critical financial decisions or arrangements if long term care becomes necessary. Transitions can provide inexpensive, but effective coverage solutions for transitional events such as:

Recovery from a traumatic medical event requiring a short period of care at home, nursing home, assisted living facility, or adult day care.

Onset of a chronic condition requiring short or long term care.

When family needs some time to make decisions about how to handle a long term care event.

Payment for care needed during the deductible/elimination period of a traditional long term care insurance policy.



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Flex Care -  A reimbursement policy featuring an optional monthly cash benefit that provides the building blocks for creative product design. FlexCare pays for care in a wide variety of settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care and adult day care, helping you to keep your options open if you need long term care. The policy will help maintain your freedom of choice in determining how and where you receive care. Because of FlexCare’s extensive home health care benefits, the coverage can help you remain in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Many options are available for this plan.


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