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As a responsible employer, you already take steps to protect your employees. Chances are, you offer a 401(k) plan and other programs to help them prepare for retirement. But without long term care insurance, they risk depleting the assets they’ve worked so hard to build. With neither health insurance, disability insurance nor Medicare designed to provide coverage, the cost and responsibility of meeting care needs falls to the employee and/or his family.

And while that risk may seem far in the future for your employees, as an employer, you need to be aware that in the short term, many of them will face long term care issues as they become caregivers to parents and other family members. In fact, elder care is expected to replace child care as the #1 dependent concern for employees. With long term care issues weighing heavily on employees, you can champion a solution that can be of little or no cost to you.


Simplicity Multi-Life Program -  Simplicity pays a monthly cash benefit regardless of services used or amounts spent. An eligible policyholder can use their monthly cash benefit for care as they choose – whatever they need from whomever they want, wherever they are, anywhere in the world – without policy restrictions or limitations. You can help your employees and their families prepare for the unexpected today and secure their financial future for tomorrow by providing them with long term care insurance so flexible that when the need for coverage arises, there are no questions as to what’s covered. Through Simplicity, employees can have coverage to fit their lifestyle, rather than change their lifestyle to fit their coverage. That’s what we call “Security with Simplicity.”



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Flex Care Multi-Life - As an employer, you know the importance of providing your employees with a solid benefit package. In today’s competitive marketplace, employers are faced with the challenge of offering quality benefit programs for employees, as well as holding the line on costs. With the LTCi Benefits for Employer Groups program featuring FlexCare long term care insurance, you can meet these goals and provide a benefit that will help recruit and retain talented employees and maintain a high level of productivity. The LTCi Benefits for Employer Groups program will help you meet your objectives by giving you the flexibility to provide long term care insurance (LTCi) to your employees through a voluntary program, employer pay-all, or an executive carve-out. The choice is yours.



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Flex-Care Association Program -The LTCi Benefits for Associations Program provides premium discounts and a Modified Application Process to eligible members, their eligible extended family, and to employees of members. These advantages are not available to the general public. The program also includes extensive educational information about long term care issues.  Each time an association provides a valuable service for its members, including educational programs and unique product advantages, the association builds greater affinity and reaffirms the value of membership. These actions also assist in attracting new members to your program.

Unlike traditional group insurance, this program features an individual state-approved policy contract for each insured person. There are several important advantages of an individual policy, including a personal selection of benefits for each insured, full portability, and guaranteed renewability.

All materials and service work for insureds provided at no cost to the association.



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