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Mutual Care® Plus Long Term Care Insurance- When it comes to purchasing a long-term care insurance policy, we give you choices. Whether it’s one of our easy packages of benefits or a policy you build yourself, we believe you should be able to purchase long-term care insurance your way. It’s also important to select a company that’s stable and financially sound. Mutual of Omaha’s longevity, financial strength and experience helping people plan for their long-term care needs means you can count on us to be here when you need us.

There are times when it would be helpful to receive your long-term care benefit up-front in cash, rather than receiving a benefit for actual long-term care expenses you incur. Maybe you need to pay travel expenses so a child can visit and provide care or you’d like to hire services not covered under your policy. When you elect the monthly cash benefit, you’ll receive 35 percent of your policy’s home health care maximum monthly benefit. The cash can be used for any costs associated with your long-term care expenses. And no elimination period to satisfy, so you can have cash available the first day you become eligible for long-term care benefits.



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