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Assured Solutions GOLD Long Term Care Insurance- An Assured Solutions Gold long-term care insurance policy can help you live life your way by giving you flexibility and control over your long-term care options. It offers the CASH-First advantage, which combines the flexibility of a cash benefit – money that can be used to pay for any cost associated with your long-term care expenses – with traditional long-term care insurance benefits that reimburse you for actual expenses incurred through a home health care agency, assisted living facility or nursing home. CASH-First benefits begin day one. There’s no elimination period to satisfy. No bills to collect and mail for reimbursement. You simply receive your full monthly cash amount that can help pay for family travel expenses, missed work, housekeeping services or other out-of-pocket costs. CASH-First benefits are paid as an alternative to other policy benefits. You also have the option to receive reimbursement for actual expenses you incur. You can choose either option each month. So no matter which option you choose, you know it’s right for you and your family.



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CA$H-FIRST Long Term Care Insurance -Throughout the typical progression of care, the need for long-term care services may increase. And that can mean increased costs. A CASH-First long-term care insurance policy gives you flexibility to control how you spend your policy benefits. Whether you choose to use the cash benefit throughout your claim or use it early on and then switch to the reimbursement benefit, a CASH-First long-term care insurance policy can be there to help. When the need for long-term care services first arises, you may choose to rely exclusively on the assistance of family members and friends. This plan allows you to select your monthly CASH-First Benefit and your Maximum Lifetime Benefit. This will help establish how long your CASH-First policy may pay benefits. Many options are available.



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