Medicare Education – English

Medicare Made Clear - Show Me Guide: A comprehensive guide to Medicare, including the Parts, coverage, costs, enrollment and a glossary of terms.



Medicare Made Clear-Show Me Guide




Medicare Made Clear - Getting Started With Medicare: This is a simplified version of the Show Me Guide that provides a high-level look at the Parts, coverage and enrollment.



Medicare Made Clear-Getting Started With Medicare



Medicare Made Clear - Learning the Medicare Basics: For consumers who need a little information to get started this is an “at a glance” tool that covers the basic information and next steps.



Medicare Made Clear-Learning The Medicare Basics



Medicare Made Clear - Choosing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: A short guide to Part D concepts, coverage and costs. Includes descriptions of the tiers, formularies and the coverage gap.



Medicare Made Clear-Prescription Drug Plan



Medicare Made Clear - Working Beyond 65: A guide to help consumers understand how working beyond 65 can impact their Medicare benefits.


Medicare Made Clear-Working Beyond 65




Medicare Made Clear - Understanding Your Medicare Options: Easy-to-follow presentation that covers the Parts of Medicare, coverage and enrollment windows.


Medicare Made Clear-Understanding Medicare Options




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